iPhone Users of China Mobile, World’s Largest Mobile Carrier by Subscribers, Reaches 10 Million

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China MobileThe number of iPhone users of China Mobile, world’s largest mobile carrier based on the number of subscribers, has now reached 10 million, according to an announcement by its company Chairman on Monday, October 25, 2011.

The popularity of iPhone has grown significantly over the years since the release of the original iPhone in June 29, 2007 up to the iPhone 4S that features the latest mobile operating system iOS 5.

Wang Jianzhou, China Mobile Chairman, also revealed that they are discussing with Apple the details of making iPhone compatible with China Mobile‘s TD-LTE standard.

Several meetings by China Mobile with Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.‘s co-founder and former CEO, were made previously to discuss the introduction of an iPhone based on its own local network standard.

China Mobile is developing its next-generation TD-LTE mobile network technology and will be out for commercial trials next year in selected cities.

At the end of September, China Mobile increased its subscribers based to over 630 million, most of which are low-end users who only make calls and send text messages.

Apple iPhone OS 4 User Features and Developer API’s On Video

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Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, recently discusses the new features of iPhone OS4, next generation iPhone operating system, in Cupertino, California.  According to Jobs, there are over a hundred new user features and more than 15,000 new developer API‘s that are included in the new iPhone OS4.  Among the new features included are:

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Apple iPad Games | Download

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Are you an Apple iPad User?  Well, here are top iPhone Games that you will definitely love playing using your new Apple iPad, because of its wider screen, better graphics and control.

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iPhone Sexy Apps Download

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SI Swimsuit 2010 Playboy

The App Store censorship continues. Some of those targeted are adult content apps that feature sexy girls and innuendo-laced games, including those from spam developers who flooded the store with duplicate functionalities. Apple has already removed over 5,000 apps from the store.  This removed apps includes “Sexy Girls”, “iWobble,” and “Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet” together with its clones.

However, some apps from major publishers are still available for download, such as SI Swimsuit 2010 from Time and Playboy from Playboy Enterprises International. The latter provides photos of naked women. This availability of this sexy apps is quite unbelievable to miss the purging that Apple has undertaken.  Or this apps really were untouchables?

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