Facebook and Other Social Media in the Office-Good or Bad?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 | Social Network with 4 Comments

I am making this a sticky post since there is a lingering issue and hot debate on whether Social Networking Sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Friendster, be allowed in the workplace.  There has been a growing concern in some organizations regarding the curtailment in internet access.  To what extent an employee should be given internet access?  Please feel free to give your comments, reactions and suggestions at the end of this post.

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Make Money Online With Facebook

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 | SEO with 116 Comments

As Featured On EzineArticles

Facebook is a very popular social networking web site, and still getting more popular. This also suggests that Facebook is a popular source of traffic for any website. Traffic as everyone knows translates into money online. But how is this possible?

  • Building a network of friends can certainly drive a lot of traffic to your website by including the URL of your site in your Facebook profile.
  • All your friends can see your message feeds posted on your wall.  You can post on your wall, links to your new articles.  It’s like having loyal customers trying to buy products from your store every now and then.
  • Try to attract new friends in your Facebook account by providing service, like giving tips and tricks for Facebook applications, especially on popular games.
  • You can also create a group that relates to your own website.  You can send announcements in one go to all members of your group.
  • Try to interact as frequent as possible to other Facebook users and recommend links to your site as necessary.
  • Watch out for the hot topic that people are discussing on Facebook.  This can be part of your keyword discovery process for SEO.
  • Build your reputation with Facebook users by providing additional information to help in some of the discussions or questions.
  • Promote your site on Facebook through advertising. As of posting, the number of Facebook  unique visitors, is already one third of what Google gets.  As shown from the graph on top from Compete.

Take advantage of Facebook’s user friendlines and wider acceptance as a great social network.  Build your network now and grow your traffic endlessly.

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Twitter Reaches Capacity?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 | Internet, Social Network with 1 Comment

Twitter Over Capacity

When I tried to open Twitter, I encountered the following message saying, “Twitter is over capacity.  Too many tweets. Please wait a moment and try again”.  I tried to refresh my browser but the same message appears.  After a while, I click the home link on the top right and all tweets appeared. However, when I click the Profile.  The twitter over capacity message appeared again. I tried to click again the Home link but this time to no avail.

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Top Ten Reasons Why I Quit Facebook

Sunday, December 6th, 2009 | Internet, MISCELLANEOUS, Social Network with 5 Comments

recycle binBefore, it is Friendster. Now, it is Facebook that I am throwing into the bin.  Three weeks ago, I decided to quit Facebook, specifically Facebook Applications.  Why?

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Top Facebook Applications

Friday, December 4th, 2009 | Internet, MISCELLANEOUS, Social Network with 5 Comments


Facebook is a popular social networking website owned by Facebook, Inc. Facebook applications has been the reason for the the popularity of the website.  These facebook applications are categorized into:  Business, Education, Entertainment, Friends & Family, Games, Just For Fun, Lifestyle, Sports, and Utilities.  The Games category of the facebook applications has been the most popular so far. Each of the facebook applications in the games category has at least 16,000,000 monthly active users.  Almost everyone, irregardless of age, sex, and status has been hooked up with the different facebook applications.  These facebook applications has been a by-word and a way of life for just about everyone, globally.  Some has admitted to being addicted to these facebook applications.  Most office employees, and students either sleeps late in the night or wakes up in the middle of the night or even early in the morning just to open these facebook applications. A joke has already circulated that the Philippines has been experiencing flooding these days because they are only willing to plant in facebook applicationsFarmville.   Facebook applications developer Zynga has undoubtedly produced several topnotch and popular facebook applications.  The following list, features the top ten facebook applications as of this posting based on monthly active users according to the facebook applications directory:

  1. Farmville by Zynga – 69,502,265 users/mo.
  2. Causes by Causes – 33,848,999 users/mo.
  3. Café World by Zynga – 30,996,350 users/mo.
  4. Happy Aquarium by CrowdStar  – 27,398,226 users/mo.
  5. Mafia Wars by Zynga – 27,006,790 users/mo.
  6. Pet Society by Playfish – 21,525, 670 users/mo.
  7. Texas HoldEm Poker by Zynga – 19,855,020 users/mo.
  8. YoVille by Zynga – 18,997,666 users/mo.
  9. Farm Town by SlashKey – 18,408,738 users/mo.
  10. FamilyLink.com(formerly We’re Related) by FamilyLink.com – 18,302, 305 users/mo.

To all facebook applications fans-Play On! Enjoy!

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