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Cotto vs. Mayweather: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Stays Undefeated, Wins Over Miguel Cotto

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Floyd Mayweather Jr kept his win-loss record clean with a skillful win versus Miguel Cotto on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather beat Cotto via unanimous decision, with all judges scoring in his favor: 117-111, 117-111, and 118-110. Money May is now the new WBA Super Light Middleweight champion.

Mayweather beat Cotto after 12 rounds of boxing in the main event dubbed as “Ring Kings.”

Having a hard time against Cotto, Mayweather suffered a bloody nose in the fourth Round 4. Blood was over his face at the start of Round 6. However, the undefeated champion came back in the latter rounds until the final Round.

Mayweather Jr, 35, who is also the current WBC Welterweight champion has now a record of 43-0, 26 KO, while Miguel Cotto has a 37-3, 30 KO, with Floyd to receive $32 million without pay-per-view, next to Mike Tyson‘s $30 million in one of fights with Evander Holyfield.

Mayweather vs Cotto: Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Fight Purse is Largest in Boxing History

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Miguel Cotto

Mayweather vs Cotto 2012
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. will get the largest guaranteed paycheck in boxing history after his bout versus Miguel Cotto on Saturday night, May 5 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mayweather, according to the Nevada Athletic Commission, will receive a guaranteed $32 million check after his World Boxing Association super welterweight championship against Cotto. Cotto has a guaranteed fight purse of $8 million.

Reports say that Mayweather is set to receive even more money from his share of the pay-per-view. Mayweather, during an interview on Tuesday, approximates his pay-per-view income to be over $100 million.

Cotto is trying to be the first boxer to win against the undefeated Mayweather who now has a 42-0 record.

The guaranteed purse for Mayweather has surpassed the $30 million guarantee given to Mike Tyson in 1997 during his bout with Evander Holyfield. However, the combined guaranteed check for the Mayweather vs Cotto fight is less than the Tyson vs Holyfield bout.

Other reports say that this could easily be the largest guaranteed paycheck in the world.

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Round per Round Video Results

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Manny Pacquiao retains his WBO Welterweight title via unanimous decision over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), November 12, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The judges scored the 12-round bout in Pacquiao’s favor, 114-114, 115-113, 116-112.

Below is the round per round result of the Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 bout.

Round 1:

Both fighters started the fight wary and very cautious. Pacquiao connects with a straight left while evading Marquez right. Marquez goes to the body of Pacquiao. A 1-2 combination from Pacquiao was countered by body punches from Marquez. Pacquiao throws a left hand lead while Marquez misses a right hook. Pacquiao slipping Marquez’s punches. End of Round 1.

Round 2:

Marquez looking tighter with his defense. This fight is starting to look like a chess match. Both fighters are cautious. Pacquiao misses a right hook. Marquez throws a right hand. Pacquiao lunghes in. Marquez with a left upper cut. Marquez is scoring some punches. Pacquiao lands a left hand lead. he uses his lateral movement. Pacquiao evading Marquez’s right hand.

Round 3:

Pacquiao throws a left to marquez’s abdomen. Marquez tags him with a left uppercut. Pacquiao utilizes his right again. Lands a left. Pacquiao more calculating. He stands back then attacks. But Marquez moves away. a 1-2-2 from Pacquiao. Pacquiao connects with a power right! Marquez was shaken.

Round 4:

Pacquiao attacks while Marquez counters with his own. Pacquiao waits for Marquez’s left hand to land his own right hand. Pacquiao tends to brawl a bit. Then controls himself. Big shot from Pacquiao! Clash of heads. Marquez throwing a wide punch to the body. Lead left from Pacquiao. Nice feint from Pacquiao, he had Marquez scrambling. Marquez lands with a big right.

Round 5:

Marquez attacks the body of Pacquiao. Marquez’s right eye is starting to get puffy. Sneaky right hand from Marquez. 1-1-2 from Pacquiao. Pacquiao getting a little impatient. Marquez with an upper cut then straight. Good right hand from Pacquiao. Big right hand from Marquez! Marquez lands another right hand! Marquez landing with regularity now. Pacquiao looking frustrated.

Round 6:

Pacquiao cautious now. Throws a wide left. Both fighters attack. Good left hand lead from Pacquiao. Marquez attacking the body. Pacquiao’s right hand finding its mark, then his left. Double lead right hands from Marquez. Mexican fans chanting for Marquez. Pacquiao lands right hook. Marquez scores body shots.

Round 7:

Marquez attacks with a right to the body. A looping right hand lands on Pacquiao’s face! Pacquiao looks lethargic. Marquez lands a beautiful body shot. Good left hand lead from Pacquiao. Solid shots from Marquez. Pacquiao stringing together his punches. Marquez lands a good uppercut.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 3

Round 8:

Round 9:

Pacquiao has a busted lip. Marquez is looking more durable in this fight. He seem to absorb Pacquiao punches well. Marquez landing with body and head shots. Pacquiao is looking to land a big punch. Pacquiao now attacking! Marquez moves away. They tangle. Action is more exciting now.

Round 10.

Pacquiao prays, lifts his fist. Marquez with an overhead right. Marquez with another big right hand! It’s now beggining to become a slugfest. 1-2 combi from Marquez. Both fighters slugging it out. Replay shows clash of heads.

Round 11.

Pacquiao hits with a left-hand. Marquez misses a looping right, Pacquiao attacks! Marquez with another right hand lead. Pacquiao misses his 1-2. Pacquiao still having problems against Marquez. It looks like another round for Marquez.

Round 12.

Pacquiao has a cut in his right eyebrow. Pacquiao delivered a 1-2 combination. Marquez is using his tactical fight advantage against Pacman. Pacquiao still looking for a knockout win but fails to land a big punch. The referee stops the fight to have Pacquiao’s cut checked. When fight resumes the two fighters engaged into a brawl until the bell rings. Pacquiao walks to his corner with his head bowed and looked disappointed.

Manny Pacquiao wins Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 via majority decision

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Manny Pacquiao wins over Juan Manuel Marquez again! Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 ended with the Filipino boxing icon scoring a 12-round 114-114, 115-113, 116-112 unanimous decision over the Mexican warrior. The pound-for-pound king retains his WBO welterweight title!Manny Pacquiao

Marquez surprised boxing fans as he came out very much prepared against the highly favored Pacquiao. He was able to avoid most of Pacquiao’s attacks. There was no knockdown during the entire 12-rounds of fight. The eight-time boxing champion suffered a busted lip and a cut on his right eyebrow.

It was a close bout until the final bell. Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of the welterweight champion, was seen praying while waiting for the announcement of the winner. She raises her fist after hearing that her husband won the fight.

Read the round per round results of the Pacquiao vs Marquez 3.

Manny Pacquiao win favored by odds in Pacquiao vs Marquez 3

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Pacquiao vs Marquez 3Manny Pacquiao emerged as a 10-to-1 favorite by oddsmakers over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), November 12, 2011. Pacquiao versus Marquez 3 fight will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquiao was an early 8-1 favorite over Marquez when the fight was confirmed. The Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 is a 12-round fight for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title of Pacman.

The odds has given Pacquiao an 8-to-1 advantage to finish off Marquez in rounds one and two and 6-to-1 advantage in winning the fight in round three.

Meanwhile, Marquez was given a 40-1 advantage to win by knockout in any of the first five rounds.

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