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Effective Keyword Research For SEO

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 | SEO with 1 Comment

Keywords are the terms searched through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and other search engines.  Keyphrases are the result of combining two or more keywords.  Looking for the right keyword is a very significant activity that a publisher, blogger or any site owner must practice.  Keyword discovery, analysis and deployment should always be a part of the daily routine, for an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Finding the right keywords and keyphrases must always be considered as part of any SEO campaign.  Getting the right profitable keyphrases will definitely give you a good income for your site and campaign. Poor keyword selection will put all your efforts down the drain because it will surely not attract traffic to your site.

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Make Money Online With Google Buzz

Friday, February 12th, 2010 | BUSINESS, Internet, Social Network with 1 Comment

equal signDollar

With the success of John Chow and Marhgil Macuha on making money and driving traffic from Twitter, I am trying to duplicate their feat.  This time I am using Google Buzz to drive traffic to my blog and eventually earn money from this traffic.  How to accomplish that?  I tried to duplicate what they have done in Twitter.  I tried to follow as many Google Buzz users as I can (the limitations as of now is my physical body).  I am taking advantage of the unlimited following that I can do in Buzz.  Unlike Twitter, who stops you when you already have 2000 following, Buzz lets you follow as long as you want and as long as you can.  With that, I was able to follow 3695 in 12 hours.  Out of those which I followed, I got an initial 294 followers which I believe will go up in a weeks time.  The 3400 plus that have not followed me yet are potential followers in the future that will bring more traffic to my blog. More traffic=More Money.

What other ways to make money using Google Buzz?

  • Post links of my blog in Buzz so that my followers will be able to know that I have a new article in my blog.
  • Follow more to get more followers.
  • Post useful articles on my blog about Google Buzz.

I will be able to give feedback on this experiment in a weeks time.  After this post, I will continue to follow other Google Buzzers and take advantage of Buzz’s unlimited following which I believe will have a limit soon.

Check this site again in the future to know more about Making Money Online Using Google Buzz.

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Link Building Guide For SEO

Monday, February 8th, 2010 | SEO with 2 Comments

Link building is undoubtedly very important and helpful in search engine optimization (SEO). The process of link building results to good traffic to a particular site from different search engines. These traffic however can either be good or bad for SEO. This only means that we should be careful on how we do our link building.  After several lengthy online chat with Marhgil Macuha of and Jerico Macatangay of, I have compiled some useful tips on link building.

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Get Links To Your Old And New Posts

Monday, February 8th, 2010 | SEO with No Comments »

Improving search engine performance has never been easy given the fact, that there is always a new way of doing SEO due to the ever-changing Google search algorithm.  Getting new links is one reliable way of ensuring to be on top of Google’s rankings.  Old links is not a guarantee of staying on top of Google index and ranking.  According to Matt Cutts, “In order to prevent things from becoming stale, we tend to use the current link graph, rather than a link graph of all of time,”.  This means, you need to have continuous links to your old and new posts.

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Tracking Your Blog For Effective SEO

Sunday, January 31st, 2010 | SEO with 3 Comments

As per discussion with Marhgil of, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process.  It is not a one-time activity if you want to stay on top of Google’s rankings or any other search engine. Rather, SEO it is a continuous if not endless work.  Sometimes, it is considered by many as a painful struggle to the top of the search engine.  Monitoring the performance of your blog is a must.  A lot of research and observation must be put in place as part of the SEO campaign.  Here are some useful tools, to help monitor your blog:

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