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Columbus Day Sales 2011 On Several Major US Stores

Monday, October 10th, 2011 | BUSINESS, LIFESTYLE with 1 Comment

Columbus Day Sales 2011

Columbus Day Sales 2011

Columbus Day sales 2011 is an opportunity for bargain hunters as sales and best deals are being given on several major US stores that include Macy’s, KMart, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, Sears and many others.

Discounts from a low 15% up to as high as 75% are available on many items that include the following:

  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Home Theater
  • iPod & MP3 Players
  • Cameras & Camcorders
  • Car & GPS
  • Home & Appliances
  • Video Games
  • Music
  • Movies & TV Shows
  • Musical Instruments
  • Licensed Merchandise

Best deals on Columbus Day 2011 Holiday Special Sale in stores includes:

  • $329.99 Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tablet
  • Save $600 or $900 on Samsung HDTVs
  • 50% off Halloween merchandise

Missoni for Target Online Limited Sale Triggers Target Website Crash

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 | BUSINESS, LIFESTYLE, NEWS, World with No Comments »

Missoni LogoMissoni collection limited sale on Target last Tuesday, September 13, 2011 was a blockbuster. A lot of customers lined up in Target stores to grab Missoni items that include bikes, luggage, clothes and housewares.

Reports by several news sites said that Missoni sale on Target has reached Black Friday Sales level.

Missoni, known for its zig-zag patterns, chose Target as its exclusive retailer for its limited sale that offered items that costs about $2.99 for stationary, $599.99 on furnitures. The sale offering was way beyond their regular price that usually ranges from $595 to $1,500.

Mount Athos: One of the Holiest Mountain Places (Video)

Monday, April 25th, 2011 | LIFESTYLE, MISCELLANEOUS, Video with 1 Comment

Mount Athos, in a remote peninsula in Northern Greece, is considered as the most holy place on Earth.

Ancient Emperors declared Mount Athos as a spiritual capital of Orthodox Christianity.

Prayers were being offered continuously over Mount Athos for over a thousand years already.

Monks all over the world has come to Mount Athos to pray and shield it from the ‘world’.

Mount Athos do not allow other people to come close to it.

Below is a video of Mount Athos from CBS News.

Feast of St. Joseph The Patriarch | San Jose Fiesta | March 19

Saturday, March 19th, 2011 | ENTERTAINMENT, EVENTS, LIFESTYLE with No Comments »

March 19 is the Feast of St. Joseph the Patriarch, the patron saint of the Municipality of San Jose in Batangas Province.

As always, majority of the houses in the San Jose town proper is so busy cooking starting at the eve of the Fiesta until the early morning.

The aroma of freshly cooked food that includes “lechon”, “kaldereta”, “adobo”, “afritada”, “kare-kare” and different seafood dishes is everywhere and you can just hear everyone say ‘hmmmm.’

There is also the traditional ‘Perya’ or a place where all the carnival rides, and games were holed up. People from all places troop to the ‘Perya’ to place bets in color game, ‘beto-beto’, and take a ride in the ferris wheel, caterpillar and the like.

At the end of the day, devotees of St. Joseph will join the procession which usually starts around 5 p.m.. The procession will start from the St. Joseph Church and will go around the town proper and back to the church.

Time to eat. Happy Fiesta to all the residents of San Jose, Batangas.

13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus still a Yahoo Trending Sensation

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 | LIFESTYLE with No Comments »

The Ophiuchus or Serpentarius or the 13th Zodiac Sign topic went viral over the internet when Parke Kunkle revealed, in a Star Tribune interview, that current signs are not applicable anymore. The presence of Ophiuchus in between Scorpio and Sagittarius has put the other Zodiac signs in different ranges and confusion on the veracity of having the 13th Zodiac sign.

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Parke Kunkle, an astronomer and director of the Minnesota Planetarium Society in Minneapolis, explained that the Earth‘s wobbly orbit has dis-aligned it from the stars. This in turn, was the reason for the birth of the Ophiuchus or the 13th Zodiac sign, according to Kunkle. However, Kunkle was contradicted by Astrology expert and horoscope writer Rick Levine who does not believe that Ophiuchus is the 13th Zodiac sign. For Levine, Ophiuchus is just a constellation and should not be included in the list of Zodiac signs.

According to international sites, Zodiac signs were based by the ancient Babylonians on the constellation the sun was in, on the day a person was born. However, because of the moon’s gravitational pull, the Earth was shifted on its axis. Kunkle explained that the shifting of the Earth has been calculated and it created a one-month shift in the alignment of the stars.

Here is the new list of zodiac signs including the 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus with their corresponding dates:

  • Capricorn: Jan. 19 – Feb. 15
  • Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
  • Pisces: March 12- April 18
  • Aries: April 19- May 13
  • Taurus: May 14- June 19
  • Gemini: June 20- July 20
  • Cancer: July 21- Aug. 9
  • Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 15
  • Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
  • Libra: Oct. 31- Nov. 22
  • Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
  • Ophiuchus: Nov. 30- Dec. 17
  • Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20