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Nintendo Game Worth $40K

Monday, March 1st, 2010 | Internet, TECHNOLOGY with No Comments »

Rare Nintendo Game Stadium EventsA basement piece of video game, turned into an expensive rare Nintendo Video Game collection. Kansas reader Dave found a highly sought-after collector’s item game, Stadium Events. He found it in his basement in perfect condition and still in its original shrink wrapping and Richard Gordman old pricetag, $29.99.

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Play Free Flash Games Online

Friday, February 26th, 2010 | Internet, MISCELLANEOUS with No Comments »

Macuha Games Logo

A lot of online players are looking for flash games.  So, for all online games fans, addicts or no matter what player category you belong, Macuha Games is for you.  Everybody can now play real addicting and free, flash games online at Macuha Games site.  These includes the following game categories:

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Strict Internet Rules In China

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 | Internet with No Comments »

The Chinese battle for internet freedom has suffered a new blow.  In a move that many perceived as curtailment of online freedom and privacy, China has issued a new set of stricter rules before anyone can set up their own website.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology now requires those individuals who wants to set up a website to:

  • Submit identity cards and photos
  • Be interviewed by internet regulators

These requirements must be accomplished before their .cn domain name can be registered.

China, owns the world’s largest online population with at least 384 million Chinese users, has been very strict with online usage due to proliferation of pornography.  It has been in conflict with search giant-Google over search content results that includes porn and violence.  Google has recently accused of China’s incursion of its servers worldwide and threatened to pull out of China.

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Chuck Norris Botnet: Router Virus

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 | Hardware, Internet, TECHNOLOGY with 1 Comment

The new virus Chuck Norris got its name through an Italian programmer’s comment: “in nome di Chuck Norris,” meaning “in the name of Chuck Norris.”  Norris is a well known U.S. Martial arts actor.  The malware, discovered by Czech researchers, spreads through routers and DSL modems, according to Jan Vykopal, the head of the network security department of Masaryk University’s Institute of Computer Science in Brno, Czech Republic.

The unusual thing with this virus is that it infects DSL modems and routers rather than the PC.  The botnet installs itself on routers and modems by randomly getting the default administrative passwords remotely. D-Link Systems devices were identified as the main vulnerable device.

Chuck Norris, like Psybot, can infect satellite TV receivers and an MIPS-based device using Linux operating system if its administration interface has a weak username and password. Infected machines can be used to attack other systems on the Internet, through a distributed denial of service attacks. Chuck Norris botnet lives in the router’s RAM, it can be removed with a resetting the device.

For more information about this virus, check the PC World.

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Kneber Botnet Malware

Friday, February 19th, 2010 | Internet, NEWS with No Comments »

A new malware has posed a risk to all pc’s worldwide.  The malware identified as Kneber Botnet, by Security firm Netwitness, has already infected more than 74,000 computer systems and nearly 2500 corporate and government networks around the world.  Kneber is focused on stealing login credentials for e-mail systems, social networks, and banking sites, according to Netwitness. Kneber botner is very hard to detect.  Kneber is considered as a  ZeuS Trojan botnet, capable of targetting and stealing key information stored on your computer, such as login credentials. Kneber targets only Windows machines, and computers running Windows XP Professional SP2.

For additional information about Kneber Botnet Malware, please read here.

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