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Game Mobile Apps Store

Sunday, February 28th, 2010 | Software, TECHNOLOGY with No Comments »

Good news to all Game Mobile players.  The new GameMobile APPS Store is now online and ready to serve everyone.  This new game mobile software store provides a lot of smartphone software.  They offer Featured Apps, Special Offers, and Best Selling Apps.

All APPS are available for the following platforms:

The APPS Store is giving out an OPENING DISCOUNT VOUCHERGet 20% OFF all Apps – use Coupon Code: “GameMobileOpen“.

Tip1: There are also over 500 Free Apps at the store for you to download!
Tip2: You can also browse the mobile version of the App Store here.

So hurry!  Visit now the GameMobile APPS Store Online.

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Windows 7 Features

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 | Software with No Comments »

When I received the Windows 7 Enterprise Edition Media Kit last October 2009, my task is to evaluate the features of this new Windows operating system.  Our organization is trying to shift from Windows XP because Microsoft will no longer support XP soon.  We are skipping Windows Vista due to its bad reputation based on personal evaluation and reviews by other users.  After more than two months of using Windows 7, I can safely say that this version is stable and can be readily used by our institution.  The Redmond-based company has finally made it right this time.

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Single Processor Systems: Operating Systems

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 | Information Systems, Software with No Comments »

Operating system (OS) is a program used in either software or a firmware.  This program is composed of a set of instructions for managing resources of a particular system.  It also acts as the bridge between the user and the computer hardware thus providing instructions for easy and maximum usage of computer resources.

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Evolution of Information Systems

Sunday, December 20th, 2009 | Information Systems, Internet, Software with No Comments »

The Internet and Web Technologies have significantly changed our perception, understanding and dealings with information. In the early days, information was considered to be document- centric model. Information is embedded in a document that requires a lot of software to produce. Documents are believed to be composed of static information. But those were the days. Now, information concept has shifted to a dynamic model, meaning structured and unstructured information are being presented in a web browser. Information system serves as the window to view data from a vast and still growing number of sources such as: database management systems, client-server networks, internet websites, intranet sites, and syndicated services or information feeds.

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What is a Software?

Saturday, December 19th, 2009 | MISCELLANEOUS, Software with 1 Comment

A software, commonly known as programs consists of the step-by-step instructions that tell the computer how to perform a task. A software enables the computer to do jobs that users want it to accomplish. There are two types of software:  System Software and Application Software.

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