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Beware Of Facebook Email Scam In Circulation

Friday, March 19th, 2010 | Social Network with No Comments »

A new threat is in circulation over the internet that “threatens computers worldwide”, according to security firm, McAfee.

Facebook users are asked to “delete e-mails asking you to open an attachment to get a new Facebook password.”

Opening this malicious email, pretending to be coming from Facebook, and then the attachment, will trigger an installation of a password stealer. According to McAfee this email when triggered will “potentially access any username and password combination utilized on that computer.”

Remember everyone that Facebook would never send a new password without being asked and it will never require its users to open an attachment.

Note:  Please spread the word to your Facebook friends and help them avoid being a victim of this scam.

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Facebook and Other Social Media in the Office-Good or Bad?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 | Social Network with 4 Comments

I am making this a sticky post since there is a lingering issue and hot debate on whether Social Networking Sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Friendster, be allowed in the workplace.  There has been a growing concern in some organizations regarding the curtailment in internet access.  To what extent an employee should be given internet access?  Please feel free to give your comments, reactions and suggestions at the end of this post.

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Twitter Reaches 10 Billionth Tweet

Saturday, March 6th, 2010 | Internet, Social Network with No Comments »

TwitterDid Twitter kept the 10 billionth tweet secret?  Hmmm.  This has been the buzz that hit the town as Twitter hit the 10 billion mark late Thursday. Searching for tweet No. 10 billion will give you a message saying that page is unavailable.  This caused a stir, because a tweet usually can be searched using its tweet number.

Tweet number 9,999,999,999 came from a Portugese tweeter from Sao Luis, Brazilwith the handle @lelamarques, that provides a link to a gallery of “urban decay” photographs.

The tweet Number 10,000,000,001 is from a woman who lives in Bronx, New York.  Her tweet is, “$Pretty N Paid$.”

Twitter reached its 1 billionth tweet in 2009 and hit its 5 billion tweets four months ago.

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Naked Pictures On Google Buzz

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 | Social Network with No Comments »

Google Buzz

Watch Out!  Google Buzz is being flooded recently by porn pictures.  Is this a spammer?  Or a virus?  I do not think that this should be allowed by Google.  Continued dumping of porn pictures on Buzz will make GMail a trash bin and eventually shun off GMail users.  Google should definitely look into this issue.  It is not only the privacy issue that Google should look into, but also how to control all photos that are being uploaded live into Buzz.  It is not acceptable that we can just unfollow or report such users.  Prevention is always better than cure.  If this thing will be left unchecked, then Google Buzz will turn into a Google Fuzz or Google Porn and definitely drag GMail into the drain.

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Make Money Online With Google Buzz

Friday, February 12th, 2010 | BUSINESS, Internet, Social Network with 1 Comment

equal signDollar

With the success of John Chow and Marhgil Macuha on making money and driving traffic from Twitter, I am trying to duplicate their feat.  This time I am using Google Buzz to drive traffic to my blog and eventually earn money from this traffic.  How to accomplish that?  I tried to duplicate what they have done in Twitter.  I tried to follow as many Google Buzz users as I can (the limitations as of now is my physical body).  I am taking advantage of the unlimited following that I can do in Buzz.  Unlike Twitter, who stops you when you already have 2000 following, Buzz lets you follow as long as you want and as long as you can.  With that, I was able to follow 3695 in 12 hours.  Out of those which I followed, I got an initial 294 followers which I believe will go up in a weeks time.  The 3400 plus that have not followed me yet are potential followers in the future that will bring more traffic to my blog. More traffic=More Money.

What other ways to make money using Google Buzz?

  • Post links of my blog in Buzz so that my followers will be able to know that I have a new article in my blog.
  • Follow more to get more followers.
  • Post useful articles on my blog about Google Buzz.

I will be able to give feedback on this experiment in a weeks time.  After this post, I will continue to follow other Google Buzzers and take advantage of Buzz’s unlimited following which I believe will have a limit soon.

Check this site again in the future to know more about Making Money Online Using Google Buzz.

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