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How To Turn Off ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ Utility

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 | Hardware, MISCELLANEOUS, Tips with No Comments »

Do you experience that after inserting a USB flash disk, you will be asked to reboot your computer so that your device will be recognized?  Windows operating system has this feature called Safely Remove Hardware(SRH) that stops all read/write processes on a removable device like a USB flash disk.  This feature prevents damage to data being written or accessed when you remove the USB device.  Read the rest of this entry »

Shopping Online Tips

Monday, December 14th, 2009 | BUSINESS, Internet, MISCELLANEOUS, Tips with 2 Comments

Online shopping is very popular these days because of the convenience it provides to customers.  Online Shopping breaks barriers such as location, speed of order and delivery and variety of choices.  Almost everything can be bought online now with online shops dramatically rising over the years.  Online vendors accept payment through online payment features of credit cards and ATM savings accounts.  This makes online Read the rest of this entry »

How to Insert Special Characters or Symbols Into Documents

Thursday, December 10th, 2009 | Microsoft, MISCELLANEOUS, Tips with 3 Comments

There are many characters that we sometimes need in our documents but are not readily available from the keyboard.  Most of this characters includes currency symbols, copyright mark, and other special symbols.  Windows has a Character Map program that lets users of Document applications insert special characters and symbols in their documents.  A character map shows all characters and symbols for a specific font.  How to do this?  Follow these simple steps: Read the rest of this entry »

Kindle Bells, Kindle All The Way

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 | MISCELLANEOUS, TECHNOLOGY with 1 Comment


Who says books are dead?  No! It just got Kindled! If you hate carrying heavy books, then you may try getting a Kindle, an Amazon developed software and hardware platform that displays e-books and other digital media.  Kindle is an e-book reader with a Linux operating system.  It uses a 3.7V 1530mAh lithium polymer battery that last for 1 week.  Kindle uses an E lnk electronic paper display for easier user reading.  Downloading contents in Kindle is done through Amazon’s free Whispernet if you are in the US.  Contents can therefore be downloaded by other users over the internet.  Kindle has a built-in 3G,HSDPA, EDGE/GSM wireless modem for connectivity just like a mobile phone.  The device weighs about 280g that makes it very handy and much lighter than a magazine.  Kindle is a 0.36 inches library that can hold up to 1,500 non-illustrated books.  One of the good thing about Kindle is that, it has reduced the amount of printed books by about 60%.

So, book enthusiasts, let’s Kindle now!

For additional information about Kindle, click here.

List Of Twitter Commands

Monday, December 7th, 2009 | MISCELLANEOUS, Social Network, Tips with No Comments »

Twitter is a very popular internet service that lets its users post messages up to 140 characters and send it to his followers(subscribers).  The Twitter post was limited to 140 characters to maintain its compatibility to mobile phones Short Message Service(SMS).

Here are Twitter‘s special commands and how they are used.

  • @username – Make a public reply to tweet made by the user noted being after the @ sign.
  • D username / DM username- Make a direct message to a specific user.
  • RT @username – To retweet or to repost a tweet and places the original tweeter‘s username.
  • ON username or OFF username – To turn on/off notifications for mobile phones.  Using QUIT and STOP will cut off text messages from Twitter.
  • FOLLOW username or LEAVE username – To have the capability to see and stop seeing the tweets of a user.  This does not mean that the user is permanently removed from your list.
  • WHOIS username – Shows little information about a particular user.
  • GET username – Retrieves a specific user’s recent tweet.
  • STATS – Shows on top the number of followers and being followed by a user