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How to Setup Windows ReadyBoost

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 | Tips with 2 Comments

ReadyBoost is a feature of Windows Vista and Windows 7, that speeds up your computer by creating additional cache using a USB flash drive.  It is an easy and economical way of adding memory.  By inserting a 256 MB or larger flash drive in a USB 2.0 port, you can increase the computing power of your pc or laptop.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply Tips

Monday, January 4th, 2010 | Hardware, Tips with No Comments »

Uninterrupted power supply or UPS is a very critical device used to safeguard our computer units from unacceptable power surge.  It is also very useful during unexpected power interruption, so that files can be saved and pc can be shutdown properly.  Most UPS emits an audible alarm to provide users with a proactive warning of its current status.  Occasional single beep, indicates that the UPS is working normally and is protecting the load.

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Speed Up Your Computer

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 | Hardware, Tips with 3 Comments

Herewith are some simple guidelines to help maintain your computer and keep it running smoothly. This article discusses the tools available in Windows 7, Vista, and XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) to efficiently maintain your computer and safeguard your privacy online.

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Earthquake Tips

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 | Tips with 4 Comments

The Philippines belong to the Pacific Ring of Fire. Being in the Ring of Fire, means that the country is prone to a lot of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Considered as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines is shaken with an average of 20 quakes daily.

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Travelling Tips

Monday, December 28th, 2009 | Tips, Travel with 2 Comments

If you are going out on vacation during long holidays like Christmas break, then, you should be well prepared.  To avoid inconveniences along the trip, maybe you should consider the following tips:

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