Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud diesSaudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz reportedly died on Saturday due to an undisclosed sickness in a New York hospital. The death of Aziz has put his brother Prince Nayef as the next successor to King Abdullah.

The 86-year-old crown prince also served as the minister of defense and aviation. He went to the United States for medical treatment in mid-June and was reportedly operated in July.

Aziz is the half brother of 87-year-old King Abdullah, leader of the oil rich nation, who himself remains in a Riyadh hospital after getting operated on his back.

Prince Nayef is the 78-year-old half-brother of King Abdullah who currently holds the interior position now becomes the crown prince. In March 2009, Prince Nayef became the second deputy prime minister.

The funeral of Prince Sultan will be held on Tuesday after the repatriation of his body from the United States.

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Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Al Saud Dies of Undisclosed Illness in New York |