The 113th Eagle Rock Music Festival on Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 4 to 11 p.m., is expected to be a full packed annual event, according to the Center for the Arts. The 2011 Eagle Rock Music Festival will be held in Colorado Blvd. between Argus & Eagle Rock Blvd.

Expected entrance fee in a form of donation from each attendee is $5 while kids 12 years old and under are free!

Below are some of the activities for the whole 113th Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011.

Razorcake/Zocaloc Stage

4:30pm – Wreck of the Zephyr

5:30pm – French Exit

6:30pm – Cheeto Champ

7:30pm – Summer Vacation

8:30pm – The Fuxedos

9:30pm – Barrio Tiger

Family Stage

4:00pm – Pio Pico

5:00pm – Magic Show with Micah Cover

6:00pm – Ellen and Matt

7:00pm – NINE

8:00pm – The Ukulele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere

9:00pm – Hot August Nights: A Neil Diamond Tribute Band


J. Vega & Friends


Dublab “Future Roots” Stage

4:00pm – Carlos Nino

4:45pm – Arohi Ensemble

5:30pm – Village Archives

6:15pm – Mia Doi Todd

7:00pm – Hymnal

7:45pm – Pharaohs

8:25pm – Biggest Crush (Sunny Levine + Turquoise Wisdom)

9:10pm – El Haru-Kuroi

9:50pm – Killsonic

10:15pm – Yellow Alex & the Feelings

Emerging Stage

Presented by Ford Gimme the Gig II

co-curated by FYF Fest, KOXY, LA Record

4:00pm – Kenan Bell

5:00pm – Red Shark

6:00pm – Joyce Manor

7:00pm – Allah Las

8:00pm – Boom Bip

9:00pm – Health

10:00pm – The Feeding People


6:00pm – E.R.H.S. Latin Jazz Ensemble

8:00pm – Cambalache

9:00pm – Umbalaye

Low End Theory

4:00pm – Gaslamp Killer

4:20pm – Nobody

4:40pm – Daddy Kev

5:00pm – D-Styles

5:20pm – JonWayne

6:00pm – Nocando

6:20pm – Teebs

7:00pm – D-Styles

7:20pm – Dibiase

8:00pm – Daddy Kev

8:20pm – Tokimonsta

9:00pm – Nobody

9:20pm – Nosaj Thing

10:00pm – Gaslamp Killer

10:20pm – Flying Lotus

Welcome Inn

7:00pm – Bonne Musique Zydeco

Women’s 20th Century Club

6:00pm – Eric Ekstrand Ensemble


5:00pm – Ampersand

6:00pm – Border Radio

7:00pm – Saucy Monky

8:00pm – The Vagabondz

9:00pm – Duniven

10:00pm – Special Guest

Kingsize Stage

4:30pm – Beatnik Jr.

5:30pm – Gangi

6:30pm – Buffalo Electric

7:30pm – Miracle Parade

8:30pm – Dorian Taj

9:30pm – Adventure Galley

10:30pm – Rooney

The Ship Stage

4:00pm – Dirty Bandits

5:00pm – All Spots to Black

6:00pm – Little Red Lung

7:00pm – Molino

8:00pm Phaxanation & The Dust Kickers

9:00pm – Blonde Summer

10:00pm – Shadow Shadow Shade

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