Facebook News by Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook News by Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook news and updates were presented by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a keynote address at the Facebook‘s 2011 F8 Developers conference.

The social giant top honcho revealed what many tech news sites describe as an ambitious future. Obviously, Facebook wanted to stay with almost all websites with through its Like button.

Facebook still holds the distinction of being the world’s biggest social network with 800 million users.

Below are some of Facebook‘s recent updates.

  1. Timelines – Facebook tries to return to a static profile page without sacrificing the real-time update that keeps a social site fresh and relevant. Timeline allows users to curate your Facebook profile page with the events, photos, and updates that matter.
  2. Ticker – It provides the most recent news from friends.
  3. Apps – Facebook has provided emphasis on its over 350 million users’ mobile experience by optimizing the social network with a lot of quality apps.
  4. Social news and entertainment – Facebook enables its users to know what their friends read across Yahoo! News and what friends listen on Spotify and soon, streaming video site Hulu.
  5. Privacy – Facebook tries to let its users think that authorizing apps is a positive part of the app.

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