Globe Telecom, Inc. has finally released version 1.4 of their Apple iPad application to fix some issues of their previous version.

Globe Services for iPad

The new version of Globe Services for the iPad, available since July 28, 2011, can be downloaded free from the Utilities category of the Apple App Store.

Globe Services Version 1.4 fixes registration and check balance issues of the previous app version.

Another important feature that was fixed is the Reload Via Share-A-Load.

According to Globe, Supersurf and other promos will be made available in the next version of the iPad application which is scheduled for release in September.

Globe Services is reportedly the Philippines‘ first iPad application that utilizes a prepaid micro-SIM. The application is compatible with iPad and iPad 2 and requires iOS 3.2 and higher.


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    Melvin agumbay // September 5th, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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