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The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) is headed for a clash with the Catholic Church as the INC openly expressed its support for the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill being authored by Representative Rogelio Espina.

The INC has wrote a letter of support for the RH Bill to Congressman Espina, the House population and family relations committee chairman, on October 2010.

In the letter, INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo said that it is the “moral imperative” of every parent to guide their children and make sure they have food, shelter, clothing, and proper education. This can be done if they “plan the number of their children and keep it under control.” Manalo added that “INC supports artificial family planning methods as long as they do not induce abortion.”

Below is part of the letter of support sent by the INC to Rep. Espina. The statement has openly contradicts the stand of the Catholic Church on natural way of family planning.

These methods are not only unnatural and ineffective but they also are immoral, since they contradict the commandment that God has given to married couples. The Bible instructs married couples not to deprive one another of intimate marital relations for long, extended period of time.

“Further, any abstinence at all for a married couple is supposed to be with the mutual consent of husband and wife and not for the purpose of preventing pregnancies,” he said.


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Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Supports RH Bill In A Statement Against Catholic Church Stand | AlxJM.com