Mount Pleasant Mail Rail Station
Underground “Mail Rail” Discovered
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The London Underground “Mail Rail”, earlier reported to have been discovered by urban explorers, together with its secret passages was sealed for a decade, according to the explorer’s published article at Silentuk website.

According to Silentuk, the Mail Rail was constructed in February 1915. The Greathead shield system was use to dig up the Mail Rail tunnel.

During the outbreak of World War I, construction of the Mail Rail tunnel was temporarily stopped but was later allowed to be completed. However, shortage of labor and materials delayed the completion of the tunnel in 1917.

The 1000 tons of rail track and 160 tons of conductor rail were finally laid down in June 1924.

The Mail Rail construction was completed in 1927 and the first mail delivery was done through the system in February 1928.

Below are some of the images of the London Mail Rail Station. You can navigate through the different images by selecting the number below the image.


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