Karylle, currently linked with Yanny Yuzon’s brother Yael, goes sexy with his pictorial with a Costa Rican model for her new Broadway musical entitled, “The Light at the Piazza.”

The daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla is only wearing a chemise in the pictorial. Karylle is playing the role of a woman who havent experience being in love. The sexy image of Karylle has raised the level of the character in the musical.

Karylle admitted in an interview by local entertainment news that she is in a relationship with Yael Yuzon. She reportedly went on vacation in Palawan together with Yael.

Yanny Yuzon is a member of popular band Pupil, while his brother Yael is a member of Spongecola.

Here is part of Karylle‘s interview:

[He's' very brave, very sweet... I think iyon iyong winning quality niya na best friends kami.

He wrote me a book... to be published. It's a children's book.

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