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Is there a truth to the rumor that Maria Ressa is on her way out of ABS-CBN? Did Maria  Ressa resigned from ABS-CBN? An article at Pinoy Gossip Boy revealed that Maria Ressa has resigned from network giant, ABS-CBN.

Based on the article, the resignation of Maria Ressa was confirmed by a reliable network insider from a different department.

Maria Ressa‘s resignation is due to professional conflict inside the network. According to the source. Maria Ressa has been affected by internal politics.

Ging Reyes, North America Bureau Chief, will replace Maria Ressa when she leaves ABS-CBN on November 16. Since her contract will expire in January, she will be using all her leave credits for the remainder of her contract.

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    absmediaman // November 12th, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    What do we really get with an overly propped-up president? Could he be a good for nothing “figure head” who could do nothing less but make one mistake to the next? Or, an overly insensitive TRAPO who thinks that he is plain “high and mighty” to be a subject of public disquiet as well criticism? Well, with the likes of Pres. Noynoy Aquino the answer to that would no less be “both”. There is also the part where this administration considers the country’s biggest network (ABS-CBN) as its extended Malacañang Press Corps that is responsible to project the president as nothing less but a stereotyped saint then such nuisance leadership is of course a possibility. And this has to be forced down the public’s throats as if it was simply their moral obligation to the state. However, there still remain instances wherein not everyone recognizes political crookedness as “bearable”. And this “few” who had the nerve to go against the erring tides of governance are left begging else suffering for TRAPO’s mercy; example of which is the case of respected journalist and former CNN Jakarta Bureau Chief- Maria Ressa whom ABS-CBN fed to Pres. Aquino’s wolves.

    There is no need for a genius to explain what went down with the ABS-CBN News Team’s rush leadership rigodon. The resignation of ANC News and Current Affairs and Managing Director Ressa from the country’s media giant – ABS-CBN, was said to be a “pushed” resolve made by the management to appease President Noynoy Aquino. That is, as Ressa “stubbornly” went against the management’s ass-kissing with Malacanang which she manifested through the article entitled “Noynoy Flunks His First Test: The president’s bungled handling of a hostage crisis exposes his weak political leadership”. The said article which Ressa sent to the Wall Street Journal last September 06 seemingly had the Aquino clan sweltering with anger. But of course, such reaction is inevitable considering how Ressa projected the idea that the August 23rd hostage bloodbath was an outcome of Pres. Noy’s practice of “political favoritism” and misjudgments.

    Compared to “envelopmental journalism” a press held hostage by people running the government is much worse. It violates all known ethics existent in the practice of a free and balance reportage. Thereby, dismissing it both as constitutionally immaterial and morally challenged. This most certainly is the reason why Ressa tried to cling on what is “ethically correct” in her chosen profession and the most likely the factor that had her packing her luggage outside ABS-CBN. Thus, even without words supporting her behalf on the issue of “degrading” Pres. Noy and working behind the Lopezes’ backs the public has assured her of their trust and confidence. Ressa gave the people something to hold on to as with regard to putting faith on institutions such as the Philippine press and hopefully on this country’s government. That in these days, someone just like Ressa would stand-up against the rotten bureaucracy and the disgusting affair of the president and the media all for the sake of money-making and power greed.

    It is a wonder as to what extent this political adventurism is going to or would it continue to subsist for the advantage of P-Noy. Despite our claims of having been awakened to vast array of partisan politics and corruption, this nation still is ill-bred and in-denial of just how naïve they get. For the sake of just about everyone in this country, one should hold the flag and put a stop to this blunder. P-Noy and ABS-CBN may savor their honeymoon for now, for the informed and vigilant democrats would surely hold them accountable for their fraud and contempt of the country’s laws.

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