Are you looking for the trailer of The Social Network? Watch the videos related to The Social Network the movie below this site. The Social Network is a movie that shows the life of one of the most successful drop-out in the world.
The story of Mark Zuckerberg, currently holds the record of being the youngest billionaire, is now in the movies. His success story started in 2003 as a Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius. Zuckerberg started a new idea by blogging and programming and soon realized the birth of global social network and a revolution in communication. His work is now on its sixth year and he has accumulated 500 million friends. Zuckerberg is now in the midst of being a highly successful entrepreneur, that leads a very complicated personal and legal journey.
The Social Network movie is also known previously as Facebook project. This 2 hour drama bio-picture has a tag line-You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

Here is the Official Movie Trailer of the movie The Social Network from Yahoo:

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