Are you looking for a website where you can shorten your site’s URL? Search engine giant Google has created a website for its URL Shortener service ( The website is –  The Google URL shortener was previously introduced by Google as part of its Google Toolbar and Feedburner.

This website, however, has a very limited but very stable site as it only offers URL shortening capability.  The site also offers the following features as explained in the Google Social Web Blog:

  • Stability: Almost no downtime at all. Since it was launched, has an almost 100% uptime and Google is still working hard to make it more stable and robust.
  • Security: Google has automated spam detection using same filtering technology of Gmail.
  • Speed: With the continuous improvement by the Google development team, the service has improved its speed significantly over a period of nine months.

The Google URL shortener can be accessed by typing in “” in the address bar of your web browser and hit enter. Then you will find yourself in a simple page where you can enter a URL you want to be shortened. The simple interface has been Google’s trademark that brings about faster and stable results.

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