Are you looking for ways to increase your earnings in Google AdSense? Are you getting disappointed looking at your Google AdSense account earnings report? A lot has been said about website optimization and yet other websites are still not able to earn much from their Google AdSense.

Since the number of publishers is still in the uphill trend, I would like to share my personal experience on how I increased my earnings in Google AdSense from $0.01 per day to an average of a little above $100 per month in a span of a little over a month period.

Here are some of the things I did to optimize my own website for Google AdSense:

  • I used high-performing units such as the 336×280 Ad Unit Large Rectangle and enabled the Text and Image ads option.
  • I increased the number of Ad units and Link units on my website pages and place them in locations where it will not irritate users.
  • I place my search box in a more visible location and increase its width
  • I used placement targeting to guide advertisers on the location of my Ads. This one significantly increased the effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM)

These optimization updates on my website has significantly increased my Google AdSense for content revenue, Average Daily Clicks, and Average Daily Clickthrough Rate while maintaining the Average daily impressions.

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