The long wait and excitement is over. The Lyceum of the Philippines University’s new Mr. Lyceum 2010 is Jonathan Aguado of BS Marine Transportation, while, Mona Hammad of Liberal Arts is the newly crowned Miss Lyceum 2010.

The Final outcome was the result of the question and answer portion wherein the candidates’ intellect were tested. Each male finalist was asked with the following question: What can you suggest to strengthen LPU’s goal for internationalization? The female finalists on the other hand was asked with this question: If you would sum up the core values of LPU, what would that single core value be? Explain. The answers of Mona Hammad and Jonathan Aguado got the nod of the judges composed of: Leo Rey Tenorio Puri, Cong. Irwin C. Cheng (Buhay Party List), Marielle Castillo, Josh Santana, and Miss Earth 2008 Carla Paula Henry.

Here is the complete list of awards given during The Pageant:

The Finalists and Winners:

Mr. Lyceum 2010Jonathan Aguado (Marine Transportation)

  • 1st Runner-Up – Jowell Christian de los Reyes (Nursing)
  • 2nd Runner-Up – Michael Gerard Castillo (International Travel and Tourism Management)
  • 3rd Runner-Up – Paul Edward Macomb (Accountancy)
  • 4th Runner-Up – Michal Bagui (Business and Computer Management)

Miss Lyceum 2010 – Mona Hammad (Liberal Arts)

  • 1st Runner-Up – Marinel Andal (International Travel and Tourism Management)
  • 2nd Runner-Up – Mary Jewel Punzalan (Nursing)
  • 3rd Runner-Up – Mary Ruth Reyes (Customs Administration)
  • 4th Runner-Up – Ge Lopez (Criminology)

Special Awards:

Best in Swimwear – Paul Edward Macomb
Best in Swimsuit –  Mary Jewel Punzalan

Mr. Congeniality – Jayson Tiu
Miss Congeniality – Ge Lopez

Mr. WOWBatangas –  Michal Bagui
Ms. WOWBatangas –  Mary Jewel Punzalan

Mr. Yaresh –  Michal Bagui
Ms. Yaresh –  Darlene May Reyes

Best in Formal Attire –  Jowell Christian de los Reyes
Best in Evening Gown –  Ge Lopez

Mr. Photogenic –  Jowell Christian de los Reyes
Miss Photogenic –  Marinel Andal

Mr. Dermaline –  Aaron Escalera
Miss Dermaline –  Lady Joy Rubie Sangalang

Here is the complete list of official candidates for the Mr. and Miss Lyceum 2010:

Male Candidates

  1. Airon Escalera – Customs Administration
  2. Kim Silva – Marine Engineering
  3. Michal Bagui – Business and Computer Management
  4. Paul Edward Macomb – Accountancy
  5. Vincent Buensalida – Computer Science
  6. Jowell Christian de los Reyes – Nursing
  7. Michael Gerard Castillo – International Travel and Tourism Management
  8. Jayson Tiu – Criminology
  9. Jonathan Aguado – Marine Transportation
  10. Bryan Miguel Lescano – Engineering
  11. Jose Reden Culla – Information Technology
  12. Juanito Belaños – International Hospitality Management

Female Candidates

  1. Kristine Robelle Medrano – Information Technology
  2. Maria Cristina Daluz – Business Administration
  3. Rubie Ann Espina – Computer Science
  4. Mary Ruth Reyes – Customs Administration
  5. Ge Lopez – Criminology
  6. Jan Alison de Jesus – International Hospitality Management
  7. Darlene May Reyes – Associate in International Travel and Tourism Management
  8. Marinel Andal – BS International Travel and Tourism Management
  9. Mona Hammad – Liberal Arts
  10. Jennifer Peradilla – Medical Technology
  11. Lady Joy Rubie Sangalang – Psychology
  12. Julie Ann Karla Dimaano – Accountancy
  13. Mary Jewel Punzalan – Nursing

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