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Is there really a conflict between Binibining Pilipinas-International Krista Arrieta Kleiner and 2010 Miss Universe 4th runner-up Venus Raj? Is Venus Raj really spreading rumors about Krista Arrieta Kleiner?

Kleiner admitted that she confronted Raj to due to statements purportedly coming from the 2010 Miss Universe 4th runner-up. A blog posts reached Kleiner that Raj is spreading rumors about a supposed plan to strip her of her crown.

Here is the statement of Kleiner as reported by

“Somebody told me that Venus has written in her blog account something against me. That I would be dethroned because of some issues hurled against me. So I looked it up in the web and I found out that the page was associated with her so I asked her about it.

“Venus was also affected by the blog comments and she said she had nothing to do with them. Some people she said were using her to attack me. I believed her since we are like from the same family, the Binibining Pilipinas family. So I asked her if she could do something about it.

“She also found out some people are using her name to discredit me. After that, it was all quiet again. Nothing came out of the blog anymore. Until recently, there were again bad comments against me using her name. So I told her to find that out and please delete the page. And it didn’t appear again.”

Kleiner explained that their was no previous animosity between her and Raj. She further explained that they are friends and that they have already ironed out the problem.

Kleiner will be competing in China on October 20 for the Miss International Pageant.

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