Is it necessary for Philippines President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, to issue an apology to the Hongkong government and its people, due to the bloody hostage taking that took place at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila last August 23, 2010? Will it not be too much to put the blame on President Noynoy? This isolated incident on the hostage taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand has been the subject of too much debate and grandstanding for a lot of people and this is not doing any good to all the Filipinos and the Hongkong people around the world.  The pain that this hostage taking have brought to everyone will continue to linger if finger pointing on who’s to be blame persists.

Regina Ip Lau Suk Yee, a Hongkong legislator, is seeking clarifications regarding the incident and is close to demanding an apology from President Noynoy.  Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang and senior government officials observed a 3-minute of silence at the Golden Bauhinia Square to honor the victims of the hostage-taking incident in Quirino Grandstand, Manila.

Philippines legislators on the other hand are starting to point fingers on who’s to be blame. Obviously, these politicians are taking the opportunity to gain media mileage.  What have they done during the crisis?  What have they done even before the crisis?  Being public servants, they should have come together and brainstorm on what needs to be done.  Why only now are they coming out?

Now is the time for healing and filling up the gaps.  Let us all together put out the fire and not let anyone pour fuel into it.

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