Microsoft has announced that the public beta of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will be available on September 15, 2010. You can download IE9 from this site once it becomes available for public use.  Are you excited about IE9?  Tell us how you feel about this upcoming version of Internet Explorer browser.  Give your comments below this article.

However, IE9 will be limited to Windows Vista or Windows 7 users only.  The new IE9 browser is not compatible on Windows XP.  It is believed that 68% of all PCs are still using the Windows XP operating system.

IE9 browser will feature the  “Chakra” JavaScript engine, graphics processor-powered hardware acceleration, support for the new HTML5, and being more in line with current Web standards.

There is still no clear IE9′s UI (user interface) that has been presented by Microsoft at this time. A lot of people are speculating that IE9 is going to be a more simplistic browser which is very much similar to Google Chrome.

Are you an Internet Explorer user?  Tell us what you expect in this new IE9 browser by filling up the comments section below this article.  When IE9 becomes available, you can download IE9 by clicking here.

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