Have you ever been so lucky on a Friday the 13th?  Or are you a victim of a perceived Friday the 13th negative myth?  Share your Friday the 13th experiences below, after reading this article.

When the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday, everyone calls it the Friday the 13th.  Bad luck is usually associated with Friday the 13th and a lot of superstition is believed to occur on this day. Friday the 13th occurs at least once and at most three times in a year.  If a particular month starts on a Sunday, it will follow that the 13th day of that month will fall on a Friday.

The following will show the Months of the Year where Friday the 13th will occur:

Year Months
2001 April, July
2002 September, December
2003 June
2004 February, August
2005 May
2006 January, October
2007 April, July
2008 June
2009 February, March, November
2010 August
2011 May
2012 January, April, July
2013 September, December
2014 June
2015 February, March, November
2016 May
2017 January, October
2018 April, July
2019 September, December
2020 March, November
2021 August
2022 May
2023 January, October
2024 September, December
2025 June
2026 February, March, November
2027 August
2028 October
2029 April, July

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