Are you aware that there is a new format for the Bar exams that will be implemented next year, 2011?  The Supreme Court (SC) has issued a new Bar exam format last August 6, 2010.

According to the new Bar exam format announced by the SC, there will be 60% multiple choice and 40% essay.

The SC is expecting that the Bar exam will be harder, because the multiple choice questions will be “very precise.” Given the choice of 3 correct options, the examinee needs to choose the best one.

Chief Justice Renato Corona also expressed confidence that the Bar exam will be hard to cheat or leak answers because they have strict security measures to protect the questions.

University of the East (UE) Law school Dean Amado Valdez said the Bar exam scope will now also be more comprehensive, and will “adequately” check the examinees’ scope of knowledge.

Examiners for the Bar exam will stay overnight in a secure location, and the exam will be printed the day before as a security measure.

Law students had mixed reactions on the new Bar exam format.

Some welcome it because examinees are given more chances to answer a wider scope of topics while others prefer pure essay format because you learned the format, know how to write an annotated bibliography, etc. (even if you don’t actually do the bibliography part here), – can reason your way out and still get points for the effort.

Good luck to all future examinees.smiley


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    Omar Ibrahim Cauntongan // February 9th, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Is this new format of Bar exam really finally approved by the Philippine Bar Board?

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