Do you know how a simple individual can contribute to Earth Hour?  Anyone, anywhere can give a great contribution by just using common sense.

I believe that turning off the lights will be of great help for Earth Hour.  But I also think that we can do much more than that.  How?  I have listed some additional tips as our way of contributing to Earth Hour, a yearly global event organized by WWW (World Wide Fund for Nature).

Here are some of the tips we can follow:

  • Turn off appliances when not in use.  Leaving the computer “ON” overnight will consume approximately Php80 or around Php2,400 a month.  The use of screen savers will prevent your computer from going into power-saver mode, thus, continued use of electricity.
  • Unplug all unused appliances.  Some new appliances continue to draw electricity even though they are not in use.
  • Repair grounded appliances to avoid continued wastage of electricity.
  • Use only compact fluorescent bulbs and not incandescent ones.
  • Don’t tolerate other wastages by reporting water leaks, and electric post with lights not turned off.

We should collectively have the Earth Hour mind set at all times.  Applying common sense will be a great contribution in battling climate change.

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