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The affiliate marketing world is going abuzz about Pay Per View (PPV) marketing.  It seems that everyone do not  have a choice but jump into it, to really make money online.

PPV marketing is a way of serving ads to customers using a software that is free to download and install. Need not worry about spyware, or the so-called black hat technique. In exchange of using the free software(example are games), customers agree that ads can be shown over them. These ads can now be used to promote your products, CPA offers or you can even build an email lists.

The advantage of  PPV marketing is that, there are no quality scores to maintain, no account penalties, or any other issues to consider.  But it’s not really that easy.  However, this is a very promising marketing strategy and others are already raking up large amounts of money with PPV marketing. PPV is in its early stage compared with PPC, and is very much ready to be tapped into the money making world.

To have a further understanding of PPV marketing, you may want to see the videos released by Corey Bornmann of Affportal and David Ford from PPV Playbook on PPV marketing.   Check out the PPV Marketing videos here.

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