Seven-time, pound for pound, boxing champ Manny Pacquiao has been a subject of a spoof music video, entitled “Sometimes When I Punch“.

The music video, released by website, is a spoof of Manny Pacquiao‘s favorite song entitled “Sometimes When We Touch“.

Partial Lyrics of Sometimes When I Punch:

“I am the world’s best fighter
The greatest pound-for-pound
From Vegas to Manila
I knockout every round

But actually I’ll tell you
I’m kind of getting bored
When I am boxing in the ring
I dream of doing more”

Sometimes when I punch
My brain goes out to lunch
And I imagine myself living on the moon

Or riding on a white tiger
In downtown Paris, France
Drink some wine
And watch that tiger danceā€

Watch the video of the spoofed song entitled, “Sometimes When I Punch“.

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