Tweet is a term usually associated with the sound created by a bird.  Tag is a label that usually contains prices or information of a particular product or inventory item.  Social networking usually means going out for a party or gathering. But, with the fast changing technology that we have, the Internet vocabulary has evolved a long way. Here are some of the words today that has been used differently and associated with technology:

  1. Tweet.  A 140-character message most commonly used on It is usually used by Twitter users to describe what they are doing, any interesting observations, links to a Web site, or just about anything.
  2. Friend. A very popular term for social media users.  Anyone is referred to as a friend if someone adds them in any social network.
  3. Newbie.  Refer to someone with little or lack of knowledge or experience to a particular topic. New users of internet applications are also called newbie.
  4. Meme.  Refers to any idea or concept that spreads rapidly over the internet.
  5. Dwelling.  This happens when you move your mouse over a portion of a screen, stay with it and a pop-up screen appears. This pop-up window usually shows you the description of a particular video, word or link, and or pop-up ads.
  6. RTLS. Acronym for Real-Time Location System that is very much related to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology or satellite system. If you want to track the location of a particular item, you can attach an electronic tag, then use an RTLS to track the exact location where the item is at all times.
  7. Femtocell.  Originally known as Access Point Base Station that is used to capture a weak cell phone signal and re-broadcasts it.
  8. Ideation. An ideation is an idea that germinates over time, like a new business start-up idea or some concept that a group discusses in a meeting and creates together.
  9. Deleb.  A popular celebrity who already died but is still popular on the Internet and still makes money. It is the shortcut of the two words dead and celebrity.
  10. Mi-Fi.  A new version of WiFi that means “my wireless“.  This is a small credit-card shaped device that is used to connect to a mobile network. Multiple users can connect to the Internet using the same mobile signal.
  11. Linkbait.  A link that usually lead victims to Web site that infects a computer with a virus or displays unwanted images.
  12. Vook. A concept of a book that includes video snippets. Example is the new Apple iPad because of its slim, light, read and browse the Web features.
  13. Cloud.  Doesn’t mean the cloud formation in the sky, but, anything stored online. When you access anything in the internet, you will be referred to as someone who is using the cloud.  Most applications can now be accessed over the cloud such as business solutions, games and social networking applications.
  14. Meh.  Shortcut for mehsayer which is an expression of dissatisfaction or lack of interest.
  15. Lifestream. Refers to all information that is important to you, including video, status, photos, and blog that you publicly post over the internet.
  16. Tag.  A keyword that you apply to a specific portion of photo, music, video, or article posted over the internet.
  17. Microblog.  A short message usually posted on Twitter or Facebook that describe what anyone is doing, ideas and observations, or even questions about anything.
  18. Networking.  This word has really been used in just about anything related to links between individual.  The word has been popular before in business organizations.  Today, networking is referred to as a form of social engagement and has been synonymous to Facebook, Friendster and other social media.

If you have additional words that is being differently used today with technology, please feel free to add them in the comments section, below this article.

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