Highest Paid CEO Of 2009

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Top company chiefs get majority of their pay from stock and options which is way above their cash compensation.  The highest paid CEO’s of 2009, belong to very profitable and not so profitable corporations.

Herewith is the list of the highest paid Chief Operating Officers (CEO):

  1. Larry Ellison.  Company:  Oracle, Gross Income:  $84.5 million
  2. Ray Elliott.  Company:  Boston Scientific, Gross Income: $33.4 million
  3. Ray Irani.  Company:  Occidental Petroleum, Gross Income:   $31.4 million
  4. Mark Hurd.  Company:  Hewlett-Packard, Gross Income:  $24.2 million
  5. James Hackett. Company:  Anadarko Petroleum, Gross Income:  $23.5 million
  6. A.G. Lafley.  Company:  Procter & Gamble, Gross Income: $23.5 million
  7. William Weldon.  Company:  Johnson & Johnson, Gross Income:  $22.8 million
  8. Miles White.  Company:  Abbott Laboratories, Gross Income:  $21.9 million
  9. Bob Iger.  Company:  Walt Disney, Gross Income:  $21.6 million
  10. Samuel Palmisano.  Company:   IBM, Gross Income:  $21.2 million

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