Are you an Apple iPad User?  Well, here are top iPhone Games that you will definitely love playing using your new Apple iPad, because of its wider screen, better graphics and control.

List of Apple iPad Downloadable Games:

  1. Final Fantasy.  Final Fantasy on an iPad provide gamers a better experience of playing an RPG. With the iPad’s wider screen, users can have a better view of the adventure world.  The use of a stylus in iPad is more precise with a little tweak on the controls.
  2. Monopoly Classic. In iPad, the board will be fully visible which is a problem in iPhone.
  3. Street Fighter IV.   The joystick control problem experienced in iPhone, will now be non-existent in iPad. Good graphical experience is truly enjoyable with iPad’s larger screen.
  4. Eliminate Pro.  iPad has provided enough solution to the sensitivity control problems encountered by iPhone users with this online shooter hit. The added scale will immediately put a stop to moving in the wrong direction, and more importantly, will provide players with the opportunity to focus on the battle at hand. Since the game is based around quick-thinking and accuracy, the iPad is going to provide the best platform for the formula to work as smoothly as possible.
  5. Zen Pinball: Rollercoaster. This game will turn your iPad into a superb pinball machine, which will bring all of the bright lights, lost balls and flipper action in a very portable device.
  6. Glow Hockey 2.  An arcade game that is neon-tinted that is very much similiar with the ever popular air-hockey arcade machines. Glow Hockey 2′s vibrant visuals stand’s out on the display.
  7. Worms. The extended playing surface of the iPad would be most welcome for Worms players for they can now focus on blowing the crap out with banana bombs and flying sheep.
  8. Scrabble. The difficulty in juggling tiles, and not seeing the entire board is non-existent on the iPad.  With its innovative design, AI capability and intuitive multiplayer options makes game a must-have for iPad users.
  9. The Secret of Monkey Island.  iPad’s point-and-click interface and larger screen will make it easier to explore the colorful pirate-themed world and solve its unique puzzles.
  10. 10 Pin Shuffle.  A shuffleboard game with WiFi multiplayer feature.  Players will find it more enjoyable on the iPad with its easier control. Strategies can be planned out easier and users can have more control over their puck because of the larger playing view.

All these games can be Downloaded From the Apple Apps Store.

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