Did you know that Facebook users click “Like” twice as much as they click “Become a Fan“?  Why?

Become a Fan” is a button placed on web sites, blogs, and just about anywhere in the web.  Businesses, and individuals can setup their own free Facebook pages to interact with customers, friends and visitors.  Facebook users can then click the “Become a Fan” button so that they can follow a particular Facebook page. A particular Facebook user will now become part or member of page’s “Fan Page,” and the Facebook page will be listed as a user’s page.

Like,” on the other hand is a link placed after uploaded pictures, wall posts, and status updates on Facebook. Individual users can click “Like” if they want to give an approval, or thumbs-up for a particular picture, wall post, or status update. If Facebook users click on “Like“, or give comment on a specific picture, wall post, or status update, its owner will then be notified if they set it up in their Facebook e-mail settings.

Like” is quite an easier way of acknowledging something on Facebook without associating what you liked in your profile.  “Become a Fan,” will enlist Facebook page on your Facebook profile and I believe this makes it hard to click this particular button.  Not all Facebook users wants to be associate a particular page with their profile.

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Difference Between “Like” and “Become A Fan” In Facebook | AlxJM.com