The official Twilight Saga: Eclipse full movie trailer is already out. Watch Official Eclipse Full Trailer below.

Teaser of Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Official Eclipse Full Movie Trailer

In the movie, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen(vampire) were reunited. Bella got her life back the way it was before Cullen left. However, Bella was not able to consider her bestfriend, Jacob Black (werewolf).  This put her in vain trying to make Edward and Jacob to make peace and be friends.

Now Bella is torn between her love for Edward, and her friendship with Jacob. Will she be able to succeed in making them friends?  Will Edward and Jacob be good to each other to avoid hurting Bella?

There is also an imminent danger, because of the mass murders plaguing Seattle. Who could have been behind the killings, and what is Bella’s connection with it?

Hopefully this short teaser will make you excited about this film.  Enjoy watching!

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