Amazon and Blogger has been integrated for several months now.  This means that you can integrate all the features of Amazon into your blogspot account once you save your Amazon Associates ID on your Blogger Account.

If you still don’t have a Blogger Account, then, you can sign up here for free and you can start earning right away!

The integration of Amazon and Blogger allows you to earn money from your content by adding relevant Amazon products to your blog posts automatically.

How to Setup Amazon and Monetize Your Blogger

  1. Search the Amazon Product Finder for products and add affiliate links and images to your blog post within the blog posting page. Insert a link or image to a particular product that includes your Amazon Associates ID.  This will enable you to earn up to 15% in advertising fees:APF
  2. Use sidebar gadgets , which includes gadgets with MP3 clips from Amazon’s DRM-free music store, Amazon Deals, Contextual Product Ads, and an Amazon Search box:

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