TwitterDid Twitter kept the 10 billionth tweet secret?  Hmmm.  This has been the buzz that hit the town as Twitter hit the 10 billion mark late Thursday. Searching for tweet No. 10 billion will give you a message saying that page is unavailable.  This caused a stir, because a tweet usually can be searched using its tweet number.

Tweet number 9,999,999,999 came from a Portugese tweeter from Sao Luis, Brazilwith the handle @lelamarques, that provides a link to a gallery of “urban decay” photographs.

The tweet Number 10,000,000,001 is from a woman who lives in Bronx, New York.  Her tweet is, “$Pretty N Paid$.”

Twitter reached its 1 billionth tweet in 2009 and hit its 5 billion tweets four months ago.

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