Rare Nintendo Game Stadium EventsA basement piece of video game, turned into an expensive rare Nintendo Video Game collection. Kansas reader Dave found a highly sought-after collector’s item game, Stadium Events. He found it in his basement in perfect condition and still in its original shrink wrapping and Richard Gordman old pricetag, $29.99.

The unopened game was sold by Dave on eBay for a hefty $41,300. Dave’s copy is said to be one of the two copies of the said game.

According to Dave, he did not open the game because, Stadium Events needed a special floor mat controller to play, and he doesn’t have one.

Nintendo bought the rights to the floor mat controller in 1988, and recalled all remaining copies of Stadium Events that reached retailers. Luckily, Dave was able to get one and save it in his basement. Dave’s luck gave him a $41,270 profit.

So, if you think you have stored something in your basement or storage room, go look for any valuable game. If you find anything, verify if the game is included in the list of rare nintendo games.

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