National Pancake Day

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PancakesIt’s Shrove Tuesday. Err! Fat Tuesday.  Err! Mardi Gras.  What the heck!  Too many terminologies, but it’s still talks of the same thing.  The National Pancake Day, also known  as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, came from several centuries back to when the English people prepare for fasting during Lent. Eating dairy products during Lent is prohibited during those times.  So, to avoid spoilage of eggs, milk, butter and other dairy products, they just made pancakes, hence, the name Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday came about.

Other names in some countries:

  • Portuguese, Terça-feira Gorda
  • French, Mardi Gras
  • Italian, Martedì Grasso
  • Swedish, Fettisdagen
  • Danish Fastelavn
  • Norwegian, Fastelavens
  • Estonian, Vastlapäev
  • Hawaii, Malasada Day

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