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Keywords are the terms searched through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and other search engines.  Keyphrases are the result of combining two or more keywords.  Looking for the right keyword is a very significant activity that a publisher, blogger or any site owner must practice.  Keyword discovery, analysis and deployment should always be a part of the daily routine, for an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Finding the right keywords and keyphrases must always be considered as part of any SEO campaign.  Getting the right profitable keyphrases will definitely give you a good income for your site and campaign. Poor keyword selection will put all your efforts down the drain because it will surely not attract traffic to your site.

When to use Keyword research

  • Before building a site with an optimized domain name.
  • Before structuring your site (setting of main menu, and categories).
  • Before building contents for you site .

Steps in Analyzing Keywords

  1. Discovery – look for sites related to your niche and identify the most commonly used search terms. These terms can be validated using actual search data.  These step usually gives us a very long list of search words and phrases.
  2. Popularity – using analytics provided free by some search engine sites, determine the number of daily queries in all the major search engines for the search terms determined in step 1.  We try to do keyword and keyphrases elimination from our generated list in step 1.
  3. Competitiveness – look out for the number of sites who are optimizing those terms.  Terms being optimized by less than half-a-million sites are still very competitive keywords.  Further cross-out  keywords from our list, those terms that are being optimized by more than half-a-million sites.
  4. Attractiveness – the result of balancing Popularity and Competitiveness of search terms will surely provide you with a list of keywords with a higher opportunity for your SEO campaign.
  5. Deployment – keyword combinations is done in this step.  Best possible combinations must be taken into consideration for a successful SEO campaign.  Popularity, relativity and quantity of keywords must be properly addressed.

Steps on how to Discover Keywords quickly:

  1. Search for popular sites related to your niche.
  2. Visit these popular sites.
  3. Look into the source code of these sites by using the View Source or View Page Source option of the browser.
  4. Take a note of the keywords placed after the following tags, <title>, <meta name=”description“>, and <meta name=”keywords“>.

Keyword Discovery and Analysis Tools

  • Google Trends – www.google.com/trends.
  • Google Insights – www.google.com/insights/search/
  • Google Rankings – www.googlerankings.com/
  • Google Alert  – www.googlealert.com
  • Go Rank – www.gorank.com

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    Jerrick // December 9th, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Keywords are play so much important. You help me to notice up when to take concern on keywords which i always forget. I only remember about keywords when building site of domain name. Others will forget when do it.
    what a good suggestion from you is search for popular sites to search for keywords which never have people share this before in other forum.That great. Thank

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