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Chinese New Year

2010 Chinese New Year is a very unusual but a very nice day to celebrate because it coincides with Valentines Day.  It will be a truly “red day” since both occasions are synonymous with the red color.

In anticipation  of this annual event, I would like to share some inspirational text greetings for this truly joyful day.  Herewith are some of the Chinese New Year Text Messages I received from my friends:

  1. Lots of Luck and Fortune! May it be as you wish every year!! With great luck and fortune!!
  2. New Year New Hope May everything be as you wish!
  3. Happy New Year! And Best wishes for much success!
  4. May wealth always come your way. May it be auspicious and as you wish. A Charm to Bring Satisfaction and Happiness Year by Year
  5. Click for your fortune! Do not fight battles that no one will win. May you have nothing but good fortune this Chinese New Year!
  6. As spring is around, good fortune abounds. As season progress, your longevity increases. A Charm to insure prosperity and long life
  7. Congratulations! May fortune and wealth be with you!
  8. Gain Rapid Advancement like a Carp leaping into the dragon’s gate
  9. Good Fortune! May gold ingots pour in from all sides!!
  10. May you be happy and prosperous! Good fortune as you wish!

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! Stay Safe.

For other text messges check this site for your Valentines Day Text Greetings.

Here is also a Quick Guide on Past and Future CHINESE NEW YEAR DATES.

Animal Branch New Year dates
Rat 子 Zǐ February 19, 1996 February 7, 2008
Ox 丑 Chǒu February 7, 1997 January 26, 2009
Tiger 寅 Yín January 28, 1998 February 14, 2010
Rabbit 卯 Mǎo February 16, 1999 February 3, 2011
Dragon 辰 Chén February 5, 2000 January 23, 2012
Snake 巳 Sì January 24, 2001 February 10, 2013
Horse 午 Wǔ February 12, 2002 January 31, 2014
Sheep 未 Wèi February 1, 2003 February 19, 2015
Monkey 申 Shēn January 22, 2004 February 8, 2016
Rooster 酉 Yǒu February 9, 2005 January 28, 2017
Dog 戌 Xū January 29, 2006 February 16, 2018
Pig 亥 Hài February 18, 2007 February 5, 2019

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