The May 2010 Philippines Elections’ official campaign period for national candidates formally starts February 9, 2010.  The campaign period will run for 90 days.  All campaign restrictions will now be in place.  The May 10 elections is one of the most highly contested elections in Philippines history.  I listed down some of the restrictions provided during the 2010  campaign period.

2010 Philippines Election Campaign Guidelines

  • A candidate is only allowed a total of 120 minutes per television station for the whole campaign period.  With this limitation, a candidate can only be seen on tv for a total of one minute and a half daily.
  • A candidate is given 180 minutes per radio station for 90 days.  This means that candidates get more time on radio compared on television.
  • A candidate for a national post is only allowed to spend a maximum of P10 for each of voter.  There are around 50 million registered voters nationwide.

2010 Philippines Election Sanctions

  • Violations of campaign guidelines could result to disqualification.
  • Contracts between the candidate and networks and radio stations will be reviewed if questions arise to see if the candidate has exceeded the allowed number of minutes.

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