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Facebook, the social network with almost 400 million users, has a new homepage in time with its sixth year anniversary. New notifications, requests, and messages can now be found in the top menu. A red bubble in the left-hand corner beside the search bar will appear when the user receives a new notification. A drop-down menu will appear, with the most recent notifications, when the icon is clicked. The Home/Profile links is located in the top-right corner together with the Account menu, including the privacy settings and the log out link.

The left menu was re-organized for easier communication with friends. All messages and other core features can be accessed on the left side of the News Feed.

The Photos dashboard can be used to browse recent photos of friends, while the Events dashboard lists all upcoming events together with events your friends are attending. The Friends dashboard enables you to find your friends, who recently updated their profiles and filter News Feed by Friend Lists that you created.

Chat stands out with a list of online friends displayed on the left. New apps and games can now be accessed also from the menu. The apps and games dashboards now provides a more personalized updates from the apps, and with the new privacy settings.

The changes is still in the roll out phase, meaning not all users may have them yet as of posting.  But soon everyone will experience the new innovations of the worlds most famous social networking site.  Mark Zuckerberg is the current CEO of Facebook.

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