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Improving search engine performance has never been easy given the fact, that there is always a new way of doing SEO due to the ever-changing Google search algorithm.  Getting new links is one reliable way of ensuring to be on top of Google’s rankings.  Old links is not a guarantee of staying on top of Google index and ranking.  According to Matt Cutts, “In order to prevent things from becoming stale, we tend to use the current link graph, rather than a link graph of all of time,”.  This means, you need to have continuous links to your old and new posts.

Some Ways to get links  for old and new posts

  • Keep posting quality content.
  • Ensure to post content that is searchable all throughout. Seasonal content usually gets staled.
  • Link old content if necessary.
  • Promote your content by sharing to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and many others.
  • The use of AddThis buttons will help visitors of your site to share your content on social network sites.
  • Ensure that old contents has sharing features. Site visitors may still find their way to old contents, and they may want to share it.
  • Look for relevant items from old content and write new post by updating the information from those old content and then create a link to the old post.
  • Encourage your site visitors to follow links to your other posts, especially the older posts.
  • Comments section must be left open, for continuous discussion and keep an old post relevant. Sometimes, visitors link to sites because of the comments in a particular post.
  • Old but relevant topics may be shared to social networks.  Only older article that is relevant to a current discussion must be shared to avoid flooding these sites with articles that may turn off users.  Old post may serve as a reminder for others, and may raise interest in linking to it.
  • Exchanging links to other bloggers may also be helpful.

If you have other ways of getting links to new and old posts, please share it at the comments section of this post.

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