Many are still not aware, that Smart Communications has issued an advisory over a month ago regarding a change in their billing system.  If you are one of them, then, this is the time to read and save on the cost of your calls.  Since December 6, 2009, Smart has implemented the per-pulse billing system for voice calls.

Per-pulse billing uses a six-second pulse charging system applicable for SMART-to-SMART or on-net calls(Smart and Talk ‘N Text).‪  An initial P3 will be charged on the first two pulses (or 12 seconds) and P0.31 (for Talk ‘N Text) and P0.43 (for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, and Infinity) on the succeeding pulses of the first minute.‪ P0.55 (for Talk ’N Text) and P0.65 (for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, and Infinity) per pulse will be charged for the succeeding minutes.

Per-pulse charging can be availed by using the following prefixes, plus the number being called:

Smart Gold and Infinity: *5433
Smart Buddy: *5434
Talk ‘N Text: *2255

ex.  if you will call Smart Buddy number 09292080188, dial *543409292080188

For a complete information on the Per-pulse billing system, you may visit the Smart Communications website

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