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When I received the Windows 7 Enterprise Edition Media Kit last October 2009, my task is to evaluate the features of this new Windows operating system.  Our organization is trying to shift from Windows XP because Microsoft will no longer support XP soon.  We are skipping Windows Vista due to its bad reputation based on personal evaluation and reviews by other users.  After more than two months of using Windows 7, I can safely say that this version is stable and can be readily used by our institution.  The Redmond-based company has finally made it right this time.

Great Features of Windows 7

  • Performance-Less memory usage and detects devices quicker than previous OS versions
  • Taskbar – This new OS has better thumbnail previews, realistic icons, and friendlier to customize.
  • Window Snap-Let users quickly resize and compare different windows right at the desktop
  • Jump Lists-Provides quick access to frequently used documents, visited websites, constantly played songs and well loved pictures.
  • HomeGroup-Makes file and printer sharing an ease on the network.
  • Search-Windows 7 helps users find just about anything in the pc or laptop
  • Personal-Desktop can be redesigned with your own preference with a choice of new themes, or convert desktop into a slideshow or users can even display gadgets
  • Windows Live-Users of Windows 7 is given an option to use 7 useful programs such as Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Instant Messenger and more.
  • Play To-The new OS will let the users to play media files on other devices such as other PC, stereo, and TV.
  • Remote Streaming-Music from home PC can be played anywhere outside your house.
  • Touch-Windows 7 can readily be used for touch screens.
  • 64-Bit-Fully supports the new 64-bit desktop standard.

Windows 7 Versions

  • Starter-great for netbooks and low powered PC
  • Home Basic-for low budgeted PC
  • Home Premium-can be installed on a standard PC
  • Professional-can be used for small network
  • Enterprise-for large institutions
  • Ultimate-is a full featured version that is being used for further development

Did you know that?

  • Blackcomb was the original codename of Windows 7
  • Vienna was the second name of this new OS
  • Windows 7 development started way back in 2006 and was officially announced in 2008

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