Different Kinds of Servers

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Servers are specialized computers based on their functionality.  This specialized function of servers allows the effective distribution of access.  The following are the different kinds of servers classified based on their application.

  1. DNS Server is responsible for maintaining the logical address mapping of the network devices.
  2. Application Server contains the business objects and programs that run the business processes.  This usually communicates with a database server for storing and retrieval of information.
  3. Database Server stores the database ready for storage, retrieval and update.
  4. Workflow/Mail Server stores the applications used by organizations in facilitating their business processes.  Workgroup software like Outlook Express and Lotus Notes are executed in this server.
  5. Web Server is a generic machine that distributes a particular application over the web.
  6. OLAP Server is used to manage the data market or warehouse.  It provides answers to queries.
  7. Firewall is a host machine that is connected between the local area network and the internet which serves as a shield from external attacks.
  8. Video On Demand (VOD) Server is used to store contents for streaming video.  Files commonly stored are MPEG2 and MPEG4 formats of video.  VOD can be used to assist Web based training programs and E-commerce applications.
  9. Certificate Server is used to verify the validity of digital certificates issued.  Verisign is an example of well known Certificate Authorities (CA) represented by Certificate servers.
  10. Merchant Server handles orders and payments of e-commerce transactions.


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