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Shopping in malls, tiangges (markets), and streets have become a way of life for almost everyone.  The bulk of shoppers sometimes leave us less aware of our own belongings.  It is a very common thing that people ended up losing money either by theft or on their own when shopping in malls and in public places.  To avoid losing your valuables anywhere you go, there are certain things that you must practice.

  • Stay alert at all times.  Avoid falling asleep when in public transport.
  • Keep your belongings close to you at all times.  Avoid placing your bag where you do not see them.  If possible, place it on your lap.
  • Do not put all your money inside your bag.  Put some of your money in your pockets.
  • Do not bring a lot of cash.  If possible, bring only the exact amount you need.
  • Bring only the credit/atm card you need. Avoid bringing all your credit/atm cards.
  • Avoid getting sandwiched by strange looking guys inside an elevator.
  • When riding the escalator, make sure to position yourself in a way that you can see the person in front and behind you.
  • Avoid dark places.
  • Avoid using isolated comfort rooms.
  • If you suspect a stalker, report immediately to a security or police.

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