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Most people now can not live without a cell phone in their hand.  Their fingers are used to pressing the cell phone keypad throughout the day at work, home and just about anywhere.  Others are not contented with one mobile phone, and they have a dedicated device for every mobile provider there is.  Some people are trying to get the latest, and greatest smartphone in the market.  Others are just contented with a regular cell phone that they can use to call and text.  Since mobile phones differ in many features, here is a guide on what you need to know about cell phones.


There are more than 50 brands of cell phones around the world and it is still growing.  The most sought brands are:  Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, and Apple.  The most dominant brand in terms of number of users is Nokia.  Sony Ericsson and Apple caters more on mid-range to upper-range of users because of the high cost of their mobile units.


Cell phones come in several designs.  They come in different forms such as candy-bar style, flip style, swivel or sliding style.  Choosing the right design should answer several questions of using it.  Are you comfortable holding it even for a long time?  Does it fit well placing over your ears?


Most users are considering their cell phones for internet access since there are a lot of free wifi hotspots now.  Surfing the Web, watching video, or editing or viewing document files requires a bigger screen.  Resolution must be good enough and consider it when used outdoors which is too bright.  TFT with millions of colors is the preferred screens for mobile phones.  Touch screen cell phones differ in touch sensitivity.  Be sure to verify if sensitivity can be adjusted for your convenience.


For typing long documents, QWERTY keypad is preferable.  Regular keypad is best for texting short messages.  Using touch screen mobile phones usually takes time to get used to.  Select keypad that is not very hard to press and keys are not to small for your fingers.

Battery Life

One of the most important consideration in selecting a cell phone is the number of hours that the battery can last during idle and usage time.  Better cell phones offer at least five hours of talk time and more than five days on standby.  Network type usually affects battery life of mobile phones.  3G networks usually eat up a lot of battery power.


A cell phone with a wifi support is a big plus.  Wifi feature gives better internet experience over 3G which is a pay per surf feature.  You can use wifi to surf the web using a lot of free hotspots.


Most cell phones now comes with a camera and video capability.  Pictures taken using mobile phones come in different megapixel resolutions like ranging from  1.2 megapixel up to 8 megapixels which rivals digital camera.

Additional Storage

Cell phones preferably should have a memory card with at least 1 Gb to accomodate hundreds of pictures and video.  This however can be transfered to pc or laptop using a USB cable or through bluetooth.

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    Abs // January 6th, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks for the tips. With the explosion of smartphones in the mobile market, we really have to wisely choose what to buy that will really give back the value of our money.

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