Uninterrupted Power Supply Tips

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Uninterrupted power supply or UPS is a very critical device used to safeguard our computer units from unacceptable power surge.  It is also very useful during unexpected power interruption, so that files can be saved and pc can be shutdown properly.  Most UPS emits an audible alarm to provide users with a proactive warning of its current status.  Occasional single beep, indicates that the UPS is working normally and is protecting the load.

When we are using the UPS on its battery power, here are some of the common beeping sounds that we may hear from our UPS:

1.  A single beep, once or twice means that the “On Battery” is not completed.  This usually happens during very brief power interruption and is considered as normal operation.  Constant beeping however (with “On Battery” LED flashing amber) indicates that the battery is in “Low Battery” status and will soon run out of battery.

2.  One beef every 5 seconds indicates that the UPS is in a “Low Voltage Sleep Mode”.  This usually occurs after a UPS shutdown.  This means that the UPS is attempting to charge its internal battery.

3.  Four beeps every 30 seconds (with the “On Battery” LED lighted) means that the UPS has transferred to “On Battery”.  It usually happens when the UPS detected an unsafe input voltage for your equipment.  In some cases, there is an occasional transfer of “On Battery”, and this is normal.

4.  Rapid beeping sound for one minute, every 5 hours (with the “Replace Battery” LED in red) means that the UPS detected failure on its battery.  It is highly recommended to replace the UPS battery within two weeks to prevent unexpected drop in connected load.

There are many brands of UPS in the market today.  Personally and based on my almost 15 years of experience, I preferred APC by Schneider Electric.  In my current organization, we are using SMART-UPS 1500 each for our six HP Live Servers, SMART-UPS 1400 for our Lenovo Backup servers, RS 1500 for pc used for critical transactions like collection, RS 650 for non-critical transactions like word processing and other routine office works.

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